Rays’ Longoria Battling through the Pain

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It seems nothing will stop Evan Longoria appearing in a Tampa Bay cap this summer after the 27-year-old revealed he is fighting through severe plantar fraciitis pain just to make the plate each day.

There has been extensive concern from MLB betting fans Longoria was about to hit the disabled list after appearing as designated hitter rather than 3B over the past few weeks, which culminated in him taking time off over the Rays’ weekend series victoryagainst Detroit.

Yet Longoria has insisted he isn’t heading to the DL and in the process revealed what’s been up recently:

“I’ve been battling with the plantar stuff for a better part of the month now and it just felt different (on Friday),” he told the Tampa Tribune. “I know that at least for now, I'm not going on the DL, which is good.”

Indeed, Tampa Bay fans betting MLB World Seriesknow how valuable Longoria is to their offensive line, although the Rays did go on to beat Detroit in their two games without him. His hurt isn’t something he can’t recover from quickly, for it involves inflammation in the tissue around the bottom on the foot – not good for a player who steps forward into swings and must hold his ground on base.

Yet Tampa cannot afford to let this .298 batter hit the DL and will instead hope he remains a bit-part player on the roster until his inflammation dies down. It’s disappointing he will likely miss a crucial part of the Rays’ season – with successive AL East series against the Blue Jays, Red Sox and Yankees this month – but maybe a rest over the coming week will be enough of a recovery period to send Longoria back out to the plate in time for Toronto’s arrival.


Top 4 Point Guards In College Basketball

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At sportsbetting and other live sports betting websites, you’re going to be inundated with information on the college basketball season in October, when training camps develop a measure of momentum and the sport garners some national attention while the professional baseball season winds down. Few writers in the United States cover college basketball with more consistency or meticulousness than Mike DeCourcy of The Sporting News, and in a piece published on June 10, he rated the nation’s top point guards. His top four represents as sharp and accurate an assessment of floor generals as you’re going to find anywhere on the internet.

DeCourcy rates Marcus Smart of Oklahoma State as the best point guard in the country before the start of the 2013-2014 college basketball campaign, saying the following: “This isn’t supposed to be a career achievement award; it’s supposed to be an achievement award, and Smart was one of the five best players in college basketball this past season. Heck, he was one of the three best. His commanding presence on both ends of the court elevated what had been a poor Cowboys team that lost its leading scorer into a legit conference title threat. And then, when he might have been a top-five pick in the NBA draft, he decided he wanted to do better in the NCAA Tournament and chose to stick around another year.”

DeCourcy’s next choice is Andrew Harrison, a freshman who will play for the University of Kentucky this upcoming season: “It would be disingenuous to ignore the buzz that Harrison and his brother might be difficult teammates, but it would be downright foolish to ignore that coach John Calipari has resolved far more difficult circumstances. (He got DeMarcus Cousins to focus on winning. Any questions?) Harrison is an elite talent who’ll be surrounded by elite talent. One of the few real questions in where to rank him is how much of the glory will be directed his way.”

Next on DeCourcy’s list is Yogi Ferrell of Indiana, who flamed out in the NCAA tournament against Syracuse in the Sweet 16 but did so much for Indiana at both ends of the floor during the regular season, lending structure and cohesion to the Hoosiers’ halfcourt offense. Here’s DeCourcy: “Victor Oladipo is gone, and Cody Zeller, and Jordan Hulls. The Hoosiers lost nearly everyone but Bob Knight this offseason. But Ferrell returns, and because more will be demanded of him more will be delivered. As a freshman, he was mostly expected to defer to all those veterans and only occasionally to upstage them, but he is an elite athlete and capable shooter who could experience a Shane Larkin-type surge to excellence.”

The fourth point guard for DeCourcy is Jahii Carson of Arizona State: “Carson is a high-risk/high-reward player, in part because he had to be. In order for ASU to come as close as it did to reaching the NCAAs last season, Carson had to gamble more than some of the other great playmakers. If he can manage his turnover numbers and make a few more 3s and, most important, get to the tournament, his talents could be truly appreciated. It’s hard—no, all but impossible—to make All-American from the NIT.”

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Who Are The Best College Football Head Coaches In Terms Of Recruiting

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The ability to land top prospects in college football is essential to a programs survival. There are several reason why top recruits may decide on one program over another. It may be that they want to stay and play in their home state close to home. Often times a program’s winning reputation is enough to put a stamp on it for many top recruits. So when you lose some of your best players to transfers or to the NFL draft, many ask what are you to do. Well, hire one of these coaches and let them work their recruiting magic. Over the years these coaches have helped to maintain these top notch football programs through their ability to land top recruits across the nation. Lowvig.ag has compiled a list of some of the best.

Brian Kelly, Head Coach, Notre Dame: Brian Kelly has done a fantastic job recruiting the likes of Manti Te’o and Tyler Eifert both NFL lottery picks with high expectations. Seems as though Kelly will have his hands full after losing two of his best players to the draft. On the other hand he has managed to do a great job recruiting for the class of 2013. Kelly landed star running back Greg Bryant who has great hands, big play ability and is ranked as high as second in the nation at RB.

Urban Meyer, Head Coach, Ohio State: The Buckeyes are a national powerhouse and they can thank Urban Meyer for helping them maintain this high standard. Ranked second only to Alabama, Ohio State’s coach has managed to land some highly touted recruits such as safety Vonn Bell. Vonn is one of the top safety recruits in the nation he has great hands, is fundamentally sound and is also a great playmaker.

Butch Jones, Head Coach, Tennessee: Tennessee coach Butch Jones and his team of expert recruiters have already managed 15 commitments for 2014, tops in the country. How does he do it you might ask? Butch Jones is a master when it comes to building relationships with top recruits, he is very personable and understands the importance of this character trait. The Vols have landed top prospect Marquez North, one of the top WR recruits in the nation. He should help fill some of the voids left by their top playmakers who left for the NFL draft.

Nick Saban, Head Coach, Alabama: Nick Saban is a college football giant. Having said that even if he wasn’t, Alabama would still be landing some of the top recruits in the nation due to their powerhouse reputation alone. Alabama dominated opponents last year on their way to a national championship. This year Saban has showed his recruiting prowess by landing top recruits such as IL Reuben Foster, probably the best inside linebacker in his class as well as O.J Howard a top ranked TE. When it comes to recruiting top talent the Crimson Tide truly are ahead of the class. If you like horse racing check us out at www.lowvig.ag/horse-betting.

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4 Best Cornerbacks In The Country

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There are some very interesting cornerback prospects to keep an eye on in college football this upcoming season and www.betonline.ag will preview some of the best. While there is a pretty decent talent pool to choose from, there are a few names that really stand out and could make some noise on the next level given the right opportunity. Often when drafting cornerbacks NFL teams look for players who have a rare combination of speed and football instincts that make for a great cover man at the pro level. Here is a list of four cornerbacks that will be highly sought after come time for the 2014 NFL entry draft.

Bradley Roby, Jr. Ohio State (5-11, 193) Bradley Roby has the speed and size to be a threat at the next level. He possesses the athletic intangibles to make a difference on any giving night as well as a unique ability to create big plays. His football instincts will be a huge asset going forward and he will be a real nuisance against opposing Big-Ten receivers.

Aaron Colvin, Jr. Oklahoma (6, 181) Aaron Colvin could be a real sleeper if he slips past the first round of the 2014 entry draft. He has a very high football IQ and may be the best in the country when it comes to playing the ball. At 6 foot and 181 pounds he may have to add some bulk to his frame before taking the next step, however he is a force and will be looking to improve on his solid 2012 campaign for Oklahoma.

Loucheiz Purifoy, Jr. Florida (6-1, 189) Loucheiz Purifoy has the kind of size and speed that NFL scouts salivate over. He is daunting to throw against, and plays with great intensity. His talents are such that he may also contribute on offense as an occasional wide receiver for the Gators this season. Purifoy has the talent to go in the first round of the NFL draft and can find many ways to help out on a pro club.

Ifo Ekpre-Olomu, Jr. Oregon (5-10, 190) Ekpre-Olomu is a definite force to be reckoned with. Aside from being one of the fastest cornerbacks in the country he also has the ability to stalk quarterbacks at the next level with his pick six ability. Although he did have some issues with passer interference calls he has more than enough speed to keep up with elite receivers. If Ekpre-Olomu can polish up his game a little the skies the limit.

When looking at online sports betting for college football knowing which teams have a knack for stopping the pass is a huge advantage when placing successful bets. Having an elite cornerback or cornerbacks on your squad can effect the game in many ways. Opposing quarterbacks often avoid passing the football against great cornerbacks and it can cause the offense to become more one dimensional. Looking within the game to individual match ups can really shed some light on mismatches that can effect the outcome of a game.

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The Sport of Baseball and the MLB

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Baseball is not just a sport but a profit making industry and MLB knows this pretty well. Today any team joining MLB has to shell out a minimum of $130 million or above.

It was not the same in earlier days when owing baseball teams were the prerogative of wealthy sportsman. Later because of the financial interest, related businesses like breweries who were providing complimentary goods took on franchising. But since managing a base ball team is a full time job, it only would be done by an individual with sporting interest or by partners. No corporation was officially involved. Over years the ownership model has changed and today baseball teams are owned by conglomerates like AOL Time Warner, Disney, Chicago Tribune etc. Of courser there are also multimillionaires who take up baseball as a hobby and sponsors a team. Basically it is the tax benefit that attracts the conglomerates and multimillionaires for franchising MLB teams. The other advantage especially for media giants like Disney and Chicago Tribune is that they get the rights to broadcast the games which itself runs into millions of dollars. Also by depreciating the player’s salaries from their earnings (again this too runs into millions of dollars) the companies are able to get the tax advantage. Some of the best casino bonus can be found online, such as the rainbow riches website.


Championship Football Betting Tips - Make Educated Guess

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Betting on championship football games is a sport of its own! And, if you happen to be one of the many Americans that like to wager a bit on the game then you definitely will be interested in the following tips. First, examine the pros and cons of each team. Next, study the location of where the game is going to be played. Think about the area and condition of the playing field, the stadium, whose home it is, etc. and the team that will benefit most from the location and condition. In addition, check the injury report, always. If the other team leading scorer is out, you may want to think about going against them.

Finally, make sure you are betting with through a reputable site to ensure that you are not throwing your many away.. you need to take an educated guesses when playing for real money, luck, i guess has something to do with it, but you can increase your chances dramatically if you study your bets first.


Will we See Football Playing Next Season ?

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To try to determine if there will be a continuing work stoppage in the NFL, is like go to a casino, and you don't get casino bonus codes either..., the two sides are deadlock, and with a court hearing schedule in court two weeks time, the sides look far from agreement. The hole thing is obviously about money.. a lot of money..tons of money that this hole thing is making.

American Football is the most successful sports in north America, and this translate to huge chunks of money generated each year via T.V deals, tickets sales, sponsorships video games and on and on. Now the players wants the owners to open the books, and show them how the money is been shared, the owners (of the Teams) off course don't want to do that. If i relay have to choose, i will say that there will be games in next season. There too much at stakes for both sides, and the two sides will have to be flexible and they will, the fans, they just want to see touchdowns.


Huskies Slumping As Big East Tournament Begins

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The Connecticut Huskies have been impressive all season long and that’s part of the reason why they had been in the Top 25 for most of it. But anyone who has been keeping tabs on their NCAA basketball game recently might wonder if the milk’s gone bad.

The Huskies fell 70-67 to Notre Dame at home on Saturday, which marked their fourth loss in their last five games. They had been 20-5 (8-5) but now enter the Big East tournament 21-9 and with an even 9-9 record in the Big East.

So because of their recent slump, the Huskies have dropped to ninth in the conference standings and since only the top eight seeds earn bye weeks in the Big East tournament, the Huskies are going to have to keep playing. They’ll start with DePaul in the first round – a team that they will likely pound into submission – but given the season the Huskies had, they would have loved to have some rest.

The concern for Connecticut has to be the fact that they simply aren’t giving enough help to Kemba Walker. Without question, he’s been doing all he do as he provided 34 points in the Huskies latest loss to Notre Dame, which accounted for more than half of his team’s points.

It’s also worth noting that he played all 40 minutes, which shows that coach Jim Calhoun knows that his team can sink quickly whenever his star is on the bench.

And that’s why it would have been nice to get him on the bench for at least one round of the Big East Tournament with a bye, but that clearly didn’t transpire as expected.

Head coach Jim Calhoun is still in search for his 300th conference win (299-173) and the Huskies clearly whiffed on a couple of tries at the end of the season. The Huskies better find some answers soon or their NCAA Tournament run may only last as long as Kemba Walker can carry them.


Continuation betting in no-limit Texas Hold’em

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A couple of years ago I read an article by a top Texas Hold em player called Bryan Devonshire who claimed that he “didn’t continuation bet anymore”. I read that article with interest but didn’t agree with what he had to say. However that was in around 2008-2009 and I had only started playing no limit towards the end of 2007 and so I hadn’t been playing all that long. It is only now with more knowledge and more experience do I now see where the crux of that article came from. What the author wasn’t saying is that you should never continuation bet, it's one of the important Texas Holdem Tips.

You should try to erase the words “always” and “never” from your poker vocabulary. So what he was saying was that he was eliminating the percentage of his range that he c-bet with. When you look at this in another way then there are as many or more reasons not to c-bet than there are to c-bet. In this article then I am going to assume classic c-betting conditions of being heads up with position. So let us look then at some reasons not to c-bet. Firstly your opponent is expecting a continuation bet and so the move has no surprise value.

Checking behind eliminates the flop check-raise on behalf of your opponent and so this is a second reason not to c-bet. A third reason is for pot control, if you c-bet and it gets called then if you have air on the turn then you may have to not only bet again but you may have to fire another barrel on the river as well or even stack off depending on stack sizes. A follow on reason for not c-betting is that it gives you a better risk reward ratio as you are not expending too much money to win the pot.

Also checking behind does not make you look like a player who is blindly trying to blast his opponents from the pot! It could allow you to win the pot deeper into the hand as well in other ways. Say that your opponent decides to bet the turn and the turn card gives you a draw to a flush or a straight. Now you can raise with decent equity and win more money when your opponent folds. Plus because you didn’t bet the flop then your opponent could be thinking that you slow played a big hand.