NFL Lockout Heading to Resolution ?

Written by Super User. Posted in NFL Coverage

The lockout in the NFL seems to be the latest talk in NFL news. Everyone is worried if there is going to be an NFL season. So they may be a choice that you may not see your favorite NFL player or your favorite NFL team. You can stay tuned to the latest NFL news to find out more on the lockout. There may not be any more Monday night football, no more touchdowns, no more interceptions, no more going to games and sitting on the bleachers eating hotdogs. It’s going to be a long summer if this lockout happens, not only to the fans but also to the NFL players.

The NFL players rely on the money they make to take care of their family’s. If there is a lockout this means that the NFL players will have to go out and find another way to support their love ones. This would be hard to do if the majority of your skills are based upon playing football. Could you imagine walking into the nearest McDonalds and having Brett Favre serve you? Or having Michael Vic fix your car? All that good talent would have gone to waste. So please no lockout in the NFL.