Will we See Football Playing Next Season ?

Written by Super User. Posted in NFL Coverage

To try to determine if there will be a continuing work stoppage in the NFL, is like go to a casino, and you don't get casino bonus codes either..., the two sides are deadlock, and with a court hearing schedule in court two weeks time, the sides look far from agreement. The hole thing is obviously about money.. a lot of money..tons of money that this hole thing is making.

American Football is the most successful sports in north America, and this translate to huge chunks of money generated each year via T.V deals, tickets sales, sponsorships video games and on and on. Now the players wants the owners to open the books, and show them how the money is been shared, the owners (of the Teams) off course don't want to do that. If i relay have to choose, i will say that there will be games in next season. There too much at stakes for both sides, and the two sides will have to be flexible and they will, the fans, they just want to see touchdowns.