As Most Bookies Predicted: Pack Win!

Written by Super User. Posted in NFL Coverage

Superbowl is over and the packers win ! , what a great game and what a great win for the packers bunch. let by the incredible game of quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who all the playoffs played out of his mind (as he did all season long) elevated his game and brought home the Lombardy trophy once again.

Most odds makers and Vegas bookies gave packers the edge. as most casino online websites did, and wright-fully so. Battled all season with key players going down with injuries the Superbowl was no different, with standout corner Charles Woodson and veteran receiver Donald driver also injured, but all that didn't matter to the pack and their great humble head coach Mike McCarthy who guided the group to a wander full season.

The pack now has a core group of players that can carry them into the future with a chance to win multiple super bowls, mostly because of their great super quarterback, who can take any diffidence apart with his precision and poise. my guess is that by the time all said and done, the new Packers will hoist at least tow more, and that's an incredible run to be.