Online Bookies Are Great For Sports Buffs

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Sport betting is highly popular today and there are a large variety of events for you to select from. Sport betting is of different types. You can either place wager on the winner, in the middle of the game, or on one or more than one team. If you place your bet on the winning team then usually the winner is declared after the event is over. You can also place your wager at different session of the game and keep increasing or decreasing the wager as the game proceeds.

If you want to try your luck on sport betting and need someone who can guide you in the process then make sure to take help of experts. These experts are called bookies and online bookies are great for sports buffs. There are many sports bookie sites online and you can select any one of them. But, before selecting here are a few things that you must look for:

1. Select the site that is reputable and reliable. The customer service provided by them should be up to the mark. Reliability will prove that your money is safe. Money here includes the amount you deposit as wager and also the winning amount. You can read other players review or ask your friends and family before selecting one.

2. Sport bookies must have excellent customer service. Betting on sport events are usually very fast and sometimes keep changing thus there is a high chance that you will need an urgent professional advice or assistance. A good bookie must get back to you whenever contacted. They should be reachable through email, phone, or online chat.

3. They should work like a professional and constantly guide you so that you can win the bet.

4. He/she must also help you select the event on which you can place your wager. Sport bet are of many kind and usually you can bet on horse race, football, political election, or any kind of award ceremony.

5. A good sport bookie must have all the information related to the event. For example in case of a football match he/she must know about the team’s previous performance, number of wins and defeats etc. By having these information then they will be able to help their customer win money.


Top 4 Point Guards In College Basketball

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At sportsbetting and other live sports betting websites, you’re going to be inundated with information on the college basketball season in October, when training camps develop a measure of momentum and the sport garners some national attention while the professional baseball season winds down. Few writers in the United States cover college basketball with more consistency or meticulousness than Mike DeCourcy of The Sporting News, and in a piece published on June 10, he rated the nation’s top point guards. His top four represents as sharp and accurate an assessment of floor generals as you’re going to find anywhere on the internet.

DeCourcy rates Marcus Smart of Oklahoma State as the best point guard in the country before the start of the 2013-2014 college basketball campaign, saying the following: “This isn’t supposed to be a career achievement award; it’s supposed to be an achievement award, and Smart was one of the five best players in college basketball this past season. Heck, he was one of the three best. His commanding presence on both ends of the court elevated what had been a poor Cowboys team that lost its leading scorer into a legit conference title threat. And then, when he might have been a top-five pick in the NBA draft, he decided he wanted to do better in the NCAA Tournament and chose to stick around another year.”

DeCourcy’s next choice is Andrew Harrison, a freshman who will play for the University of Kentucky this upcoming season: “It would be disingenuous to ignore the buzz that Harrison and his brother might be difficult teammates, but it would be downright foolish to ignore that coach John Calipari has resolved far more difficult circumstances. (He got DeMarcus Cousins to focus on winning. Any questions?) Harrison is an elite talent who’ll be surrounded by elite talent. One of the few real questions in where to rank him is how much of the glory will be directed his way.”

Next on DeCourcy’s list is Yogi Ferrell of Indiana, who flamed out in the NCAA tournament against Syracuse in the Sweet 16 but did so much for Indiana at both ends of the floor during the regular season, lending structure and cohesion to the Hoosiers’ halfcourt offense. Here’s DeCourcy: “Victor Oladipo is gone, and Cody Zeller, and Jordan Hulls. The Hoosiers lost nearly everyone but Bob Knight this offseason. But Ferrell returns, and because more will be demanded of him more will be delivered. As a freshman, he was mostly expected to defer to all those veterans and only occasionally to upstage them, but he is an elite athlete and capable shooter who could experience a Shane Larkin-type surge to excellence.”

The fourth point guard for DeCourcy is Jahii Carson of Arizona State: “Carson is a high-risk/high-reward player, in part because he had to be. In order for ASU to come as close as it did to reaching the NCAAs last season, Carson had to gamble more than some of the other great playmakers. If he can manage his turnover numbers and make a few more 3s and, most important, get to the tournament, his talents could be truly appreciated. It’s hard—no, all but impossible—to make All-American from the NIT.”

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Becoming a bookie with

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Starting your own sportsbook has never been easier than it is now days with pay per head bookmaking services offered by industry leader With Perhead’s world class bookmaking software and services, and with their easy online set up, you can be up and running with your own sportsbook in a week.

Perhead is a complete turnkey white label solution for existing bookmakers and individuals looking to become a bookmaker. All you focus on is bringing the customers in and we take care of the rest. We provide the betting software, 24/7 customer service and tech. support, betting lines on over 30 major sports,casino, live dealer, racebook and much more. This frees up much of your quality time and lets you focus on branding and marketing.

By becoming a pay per head white label bookmaking partner you get to enjoy all the benefits of being a bookmaker without the high operational costs involved with running your own office and without the need to split your profits with a white label service.

Many local and large bookmakers are moving their businesses over to the Per Head model as it makes economic sense. Many large bookmakers operate in jurisdictions that levy hefty licensing fees and taxes on profit which makes a big dent in their bottom line.

At the only fee you are charged is a small fee per week for each customer that placed a wager. All the profit you make remains yours. Perhead does not handle money, they only provide the service.


Left Turn Burn

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It's hard to believe now, but NASCARr used to be cool, I swear. The origins of the sport can be traced back to Prohibition when a bunch of bootleggers used to soup up their cars so they could outrun the cops. Eventually, these drivers would meet up to race each other. These races evolved into stock car racing. The first NASCAR sanctioned race was in 1948 at Daytona Beach. The first drivers of this burgeoning sport were outlaws, rebels, badasses. Unfortunately, the sport now consists of a bunch of goons whoring themselves out for their sponsors, which range from Viagra to Red Bull. The only reason any sane person would ever take a break from their poker games and catch a glimpse of a race is in the hope of seeing a spectacular crash of biblical proportions, with flaming chunks of steel and rubber littering the asphalt.

To NASCAR fans the Bristol Motor Speedway is synonymous with mayhem and destruction, and rightfully so. In 1990, during Budweiser's 250 Busch Grand National, an access gate near turn 2 wasn't properly secured. This mistake nearly killed Michael Waltrip when he rammed his car into said gate at over 100 mph. His car disintegrated upon impact. The resulting wreckage resembled a cockroach that had been recently stopped on. Rescue workers quickly rushed to the scene expecting the worse. Surprisingly, they found a stunned but relatively unscathed Waltrip. A nearly identical crash happened to Mike Harmon twelve years later in 2002 when the gate was once again left unsecured. Harmon, like Waltrip, survived miraculously. You think NASCAR would have learned their lesson...

Michael Waltrip's brother, Darrel, was also involved in another brutal wreck in 1980 and nearly killed a king in the process. The race was at the Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania. Richard “The King” Petty collided with the concrete wall right after the second turn. The collision sent the right front tire flying down the track and nearly flipped his car. Petty's car was spiraling backwards but Petty was still relatively ok until Darrel Waltrip spun into Petty, hitting the driver side door. The force of that collision broke Petty's neck and nearly ruined his career.


Funny Sport Bloopers From All Around The World

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Even serious websites can't survive without Funny and Humorous bloopers, this video contains some coverage in ping-pong, tennis.....