Becoming a bookie with Perhead.com

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Starting your own sportsbook has never been easier than it is now days with pay per head bookmaking services offered by industry leader Perhead.com. With Perhead’s world class bookmaking software and services, and with their easy online set up, you can be up and running with your own sportsbook in a week.

Perhead is a complete turnkey white label solution for existing bookmakers and individuals looking to become a bookmaker. All you focus on is bringing the customers in and we take care of the rest. We provide the betting software, 24/7 customer service and tech. support, betting lines on over 30 major sports,casino, live dealer, racebook and much more. This frees up much of your quality time and lets you focus on branding and marketing.

By becoming a pay per head white label bookmaking partner you get to enjoy all the benefits of being a bookmaker without the high operational costs involved with running your own office and without the need to split your profits with a white label service.

Many local and large bookmakers are moving their businesses over to the Per Head model as it makes economic sense. Many large bookmakers operate in jurisdictions that levy hefty licensing fees and taxes on profit which makes a big dent in their bottom line.

At Perhead.com the only fee you are charged is a small fee per week for each customer that placed a wager. All the profit you make remains yours. Perhead does not handle money, they only provide the service.


White Sox sign experienced Hanson

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The Chicago White Sox have handed right-hander Tommy Hanson a minor league deal in order to see whether the 27-year old still has what it takes to perform in the majors. The pitcher is expected go through an extended spring training program before to appearing at Triple-A Charlotte later this month.

The five-season veteran spent four years with the Atlanta Braves, during which time he played in over 20 games each season. A short spell with the Los Angeles Angels ended last winter after being traded, followed by a brief trial with the Texas Rangers which ultimately came to nothing when Hanson posted a 6.43 Cactus League ERA over the space of 14 innings.

Hanson’s rookie season 2.89 ERA over 21 starts in 2009 remains the pitcher’s career-best. After being labelled one of the most exciting pitchers to come through the Braves organisation in recent years, Hanson’s record has steadily decreased since his rookie year; posting a 3.33 ERA over 34 starts in 2010, 3.60 in 22 starts in 2011, a 4.48 ERA in 31 starts the following year and a 5.42 ERA in just 15 outings for the Angels last season.

A number of injury issues have hampered Hanson’s career, most notably a shoulder problem that kept him on the disabled list in 2011, but the right-hander now has the chance to resurrect a career with the White Sox if he can impress throughout spring.

On the back of a disappointing 2013 season that surprised a number of Betfair visitors, the White Sox have started to trim an expensive roster and rebuild using a mix of young stars and experienced pros. Hanson’s deal comes on the back of the signing of veteran Felipe Paulino, who has signed a one-year deal despite not having pitched in the major leagues since 2012. Ronald Belisario is another to have been added to an ever-changing roster, signing a one-year deal worth $3million.


Online Bookies Are Great For Sports Buffs

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Sport betting is highly popular today and there are a large variety of events for you to select from. Sport betting is of different types. You can either place wager on the winner, in the middle of the game, or on one or more than one team. If you place your bet on the winning team then usually the winner is declared after the event is over. You can also place your wager at different session of the game and keep increasing or decreasing the wager as the game proceeds.

If you want to try your luck on sport betting and need someone who can guide you in the process then make sure to take help of experts. These experts are called bookies and online bookies are great for sports buffs. There are many sports bookie sites online and you can select any one of them. But, before selecting here are a few things that you must look for:

1. Select the site that is reputable and reliable. The customer service provided by them should be up to the mark. Reliability will prove that your money is safe. Money here includes the amount you deposit as wager and also the winning amount. You can read other players review or ask your friends and family before selecting one.

2. Sport bookies must have excellent customer service. Betting on sport events are usually very fast and sometimes keep changing thus there is a high chance that you will need an urgent professional advice or assistance. A good bookie must get back to you whenever contacted. They should be reachable through email, phone, or online chat.

3. They should work like a professional and constantly guide you so that you can win the bet.

4. He/she must also help you select the event on which you can place your wager. Sport bet are of many kind and usually you can bet on horse race, football, political election, or any kind of award ceremony.

5. A good sport bookie must have all the information related to the event. For example in case of a football match he/she must know about the team’s previous performance, number of wins and defeats etc. By having these information then they will be able to help their customer win money.


Strategies for Placing Winning Bets for NBA

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As an aspiring NBA sports bettor, you need to understand that all successful bettors lose sometimes. The key to being a successful sports bettor is winning more bets than you lose and knowing how to deal with the losses. This is just one among the many winning strategies you must adopt in order to succeed in this sports betting industry. Sports betting experts are known for their advice, which is invaluable in your quest to always make the most informed betting decisions. Consider this article a free resource from an expert sports bettor.

One thing you should keep in mind when undertaking sports betting is never to use your emotions when making a bet. You might like to bet on your favorite team but your favorite team might not be the best. Always keep your emotions at bay when betting in order to make an informed decision. There are many teams you can bet on in the NBA. So even if you are a fan of one of the teams, it is better to bet on other teams and leave your favorite team out of it.

Consider getting winning advice from experts who analyze the odds of a bet for you if you do not have the time to do so yourself. These companies can change the odds at any time depending on the circumstances of a game. Make sure you stay ahead of things and utilize the odds to your advantage.

So what do you do when you win? You should learn to know how to handle your winnings. It feels great to win. However, you should not lose your head over your winnings. A sports bet can net you thousands and sometimes millions of dollars in winnings. All successful sports bettors have a winning system that they always stick to. Come up with your own system or adapt someone else’s winning system. This system will help you manage your money and NBA winnings.


Who Are The Best Candidates For MLB Manager Of The Year?

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The best bookie software makes a difference at payperhead.com and other outlets. In Major League Baseball, some managers manage to make more of a difference than others. What should be said so far about the best managers in baseball for 2013? A few clear thoughts emerge in what is generally a crowded race.

The leader for American League Manager Of The Year is probably Ron Washington of the Texas Rangers. One has to realize this about Texas: Not only did the Rangers blow the 2012 American League West Division title to the Oakland Athletics; the franchise lost slugger Josh Hamilton in the offseason and had to get production from younger and less proven starting pitchers. A lot of moving parts changed the makeup of the Texas roster, creating a lot of doubt in the Lone Star State that this successful franchise could retain the magic it found in 2010 and 2011, when the Rangers won the American League Pennant. Washington naturally did well in those two seasons, but his ability to keep the Rangers at the top of the American League West through the first three months of the 2013 campaign might be his most impressive feet yet in Arlington, Tex.

If there’s a strong second contender for A.L. Manager Of The Year, it would be John Farrell of the Boston Red Sox. Boston was not expected to win its division. In fact, the Red Sox were probably picked to finish closer to the bottom of the American League East than the top. Boston’s batting order had been hollowed out, and its bullpen did not figure to hold up under the strain of the long season. A younger Tampa Bay team and a hard-charging bunch of Baltimore Orioles were supposed to move up the ladder, and the newly-loaded Toronto Blue Jays – on the strength of several deft offseason moves – were supposed to put the pieces together, making life hell for the Red Sox in the process. However, at the end of June, Boston leads the A.L. East even without an authoritative closer at the back end of its bullpen. Farrell is holding his team together with great skill… this in his first season as the manager in Beantown. That’s no small feat.

In the National League, there really is only one candidate, and it’s Clint Hurdle of the Pittsburgh Pirates. The other teams in the National League that are succeeding to a considerable extent – the Atlanta Braves, St. Louis Cardinals, and Cincinnati Reds – all owned copious amounts of talent heading into the season. Big things were expected from each of those ballclubs. Pittsburgh, a team which faltered in the second half of the season in each of the past two years, was not in the same conversation. Yet, near the end of June, the Buccos are more than 10 games above .500 and have the look of a team that isn’t going to fade away this time. As long as Pittsburgh maintains its place in the standings through September, Hurdle will win the N.L. Manager Of The Year award, with Arizona manager Kirk Gibson likely to finish second.

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Jack Doveless is a professional price per head bookie with years of experience helping his clients get the most out of their sports bets. He recommends checking out his favorite sportsbook software at payperhead> to see what the best bookie software can do for you and your profits.


Fantasy Football Redraft League - Unlike The Real Thing

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In football there are leagues in which the various football teams play. In a league, there is anywhere from eight to 16 teams. In Fantasy Football, there are basically three different types of leagues which the players can choose from with Redraft league being one of the three.

For new players, Redraft league is considered to be the fairest of the leagues as it does not handicap new players- giving rookies the advantage. Each player starts the season with a clean slate and the team is built from scratch. Fantasy football has swept the nation with many football enthusiasts getting in on the action!


Which NFL Teams That Made The Playoffs Last Year Will Miss Them In 2013

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It was another outstanding NFL season in 2012-2013 with the Baltimore Ravens emerging through the darkness in New Orleans to become Super Bowl champions. There was tons of excitement last season, with the emergence of so many young stars such as RG3, Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck. All of which were rookie quarterbacks who played like savvy veterans and helped lead their respective teams to the NFL playoffs. With the bar being set so high, it is likely that some of these stars will experience somewhat of a sophomore slump. So it is with great pleasure that I will take a tour of next season and look into my crystal ball to determine which of last years playoff teams will miss the dance next year.

Let’s take a look at the Indianapolis Colts. This is a team that went from the cellar to stellar, lead by the first overall draft pick Andrew Luck. The Colts shocked everybody including themselves by marching all the way to the playoffs with an 11-5 record. The most amazing part of this feat is that they managed to win 11 games with -30 net points. When analyzing this stat it’s easy to conclude that the Colts got extremely lucky, no pun intended. They won many really close games last season. This year will be different as the Colts will still be respectable but will take a dip and miss the postseason.

Next on the list of disappointments, and this will come as a shock to some but I think the Baltimore Ravens will miss the postseason. Baltimore was riding an emotional high last year with Ray Lewis the greatest motivator in the NFL announcing his retirement. While Baltimore did have a great team they still slightly exceeded expectations by winning the Super Bowl. This year will be different the Ravens will take a dive after losing their heart and soul and will miss the playoffs when the young hungry Bengals edge them out for the division title.

Nobody expected the Vikings to make the playoffs last year, and nobody expected Adrian Peterson to return to his dominant form. While the Vikings were a great story last season, this year will be filled with disappointment as the Bears and Lions will both be gunning for the postseason after lackluster years and will make it tough on the lowly Vikings.

Last on the list the Washington Redskins who made a big mistake in playing an injured RG3 against Seattle in the playoffs. The NFC east may be the hardest division in football to predict. The Redskins, Giants, Eagles and Cowboys all seem to play unpredictable football. I have a feeling the Cowboys will make it out on top of the division this year as Tony Romo will finally get a little luck on his side. Washington’s tough schedule won’t help things either as they have tough road dates against the Packers, Cowboys, Broncos, Falcons and Giants. Check out www.evodp.com for more predictions on your favorite teams.

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Pete Lomur is a blogger who runs his own business with the help of today’s top bookie software, and after finding it he won’t use any other site. In his blogs you can also find great tips to help you manage your business and he highly suggests that you take a tour of his favorite site to help you get ahead in the game.


Did Russell Wilson actually paved the way to smaller QB's ?

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In only his second year in the league, the smaller sized QB was able to direct his team (combines with a ferocious defense off course) to the Lombardi trophy, annihilating the Denver broncos in one of the more one sided super bowls ever. Off course, as some experts suggest, that wasn't all on the recently discovered QB, as many believed he had one of the best defenses ever, but nevertheless, to be able to come out to the league, smaller than the regular prototype QB, and to be a huge part of the success means something not just for the city of Seattle and for Wilson himself, but to all smaller sized players, who definitely got game, but not necessarily the size. That fact always comes back to haunt them until now.

Wilson was not the first one as well. The Saints QB Drew Brees also was lucky enough to win the super bowl a few years back. Brees, also a smaller sized QB, has been nothing short of spectacular in his playing career since coming to New Orleans, and was able to help the city and its fans win, despite not having such a good defense.

Now it seems, the path is there for smaller sized college quarterback biggest superstar, Johnny Manziel, AKA "Johnny Football", to step in and show all the doubters, all the so called experts, that he can too, lead his team in the brutal NFL game, and not only be a productive player, but a winner, just as he was in college. Many sources believe he will be picked up in the first round of this year's draft, But can he actually make it and survive? Time will tell. I will definitely gone check out his path into the bigs, he is most definitely talented, most folks agrees, but his size and durability is a concern, But so was Wilson's…, he got picked up in the second round, won over his coaches and teammates, got a chance, and never looked back.., if Manziel can pull it off, it will be an amazing accomplishment.


Michael Jordan compliments Kobe Bryant

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Kobe Bryant must surely on the ninth cloud. And why not he will be after receiving a compliment from all time basketball great Michael Jordan. According to Jordan, who has been a star basketball player all through his career, Bryant has all the necessary skills to be like him.

However, Kobe faces some strict competition from Michael Jordan and this is why Jordan watches Kobe play every time the latter is on the field. Kobe has emerged as the sole comparison to Jordan. Kobe is one ring short of Michael and fans will have to wonder whether he will take the compliment from Jordan a fuel in the fire and will perform better than Michael Jordan and set new standards as the star has set in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Well, we will to wait and watch how Bryant performs in the future.

Most casinos in Vegas odds Jordan to be favored if he were to play against Kobe but the margins are getting smaller.., believes Kobe will get his 6th ring, what will make Kobe one step closer to Jordan and surely will spark again the big question, who will win in their match ? and even more so, who is the greatest ?