Western Conference vs. Eastern Conference: Who Is Stronger

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According to our expert sport analysis, historically speaking, the Western Conference has outperformed the Eastern conference. This difference usually becomes most evident during the playoff and All Star games, or at least it has over the past decade. Why is it though that the west is stronger than the east? Is it perhaps because the west can afford to pay its players more? Or could there be other reasons why the west rises again?

Conference Imbalance In The NBA Is A Problem

Last year marked 14 years of crazy conference imbalances between the NBA west and east coasts. This imbalance exists because the Western conference teams are almost always stronger teams than the eastern conference teams. By limiting the difficulty of opposing teams for the eastern conference it makes improvement near impossible. This nearly always damages the eastern conferences playoff abilities. This conference imbalance has led to good, playoff worthy western conference teams bottoming out and missing the playoffs year after year. While bad, not-so-worthy eastern conference teams make it to the playoffs nearly every year.

As long as there are western and eastern conferences, our NBA experts forecast the playoffs to be biased. Ending these conferences would eliminate this issue and perhaps allow the eastern conference to improve their ability to grow stronger than the western conference. The leagues could remain as they are, with no obvious changes to the schedules. Teams from each coast could still play the other coast, one time during the season. However, when it comes time for the playoffs the NBA could select the best 16 teams, regardless of conference. This would allow the best to play the best, making for true competition and opportunity for both coasts to compete equally.

There will be inner conference rivalries lost, however there will be much to be gained in good basketball.  

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NBA Playoff Picture Update With odds by mybookie.ag

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We are just down to one week in the NBA regular season and there are exactly six Western Conference teams who are still vying for their very own spot in the big dance. Let’s take a look at the NBA odds for the playoffs and make a few predictions:

Securing the top seed and home court advantage is the Golden State Warriors. Then on Wednesday, the Dallas Mavericks virtually secured themselves a spot at the number 7, which happened to be clinched in their win over the Phoenix Suns, who were officially eliminated from the NBA playoffs in that particular game. As far as the rest of the story? We happen to be edging ever closer but we still got a little bit of a ride to go.

Just a smidge of a half game is what stands in between the second and the sixth seed…

The Houston Rockets were defeated by the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday, so the Spurs are officially within a half game of the Memphis Grizzlies and the aforementioned Rockets. Record-wise, the Spurs are locked dead-even with the Los Angeles Clippers (53-26) but they are also sitting in the sixth spot because the Clippers performed better against teams of the Western Conference.

The Clippers have also got it pretty good because of such as favorable schedule which lay out in front of them, except for one lone game. That of course is against the Memphis Grizzlies, if they can pull that one off, they will be looking at the three seed or even a little higher.

In second place, the Memphis Grizzlies are holding strong despite their tie with the Houston Rockets. The regular season series between the two teams were split down the middle, but thankfully to an amazing record against their respective foes in the Southwest Division, the Grizz most certainly have the proverbial upper-hand.

Blazers Lookin’ at a Five Spot

The fourth seed is owned by the Portland Trail Blazers but as it appears, they should be slated to be opening the first round of the playoffs at the number 5 spot, away from home against the favored Los Angeles Clippers. By the Blazers triumph of the Northwest Division, it guaranteed the team a top four-seed, but no home-court advantage, which of course is always determined by the team with the best overall record.

The Blazers will be going face-to-face with the Golden State Warriors on Thursday night; they more than likely will have to win the rest of their games in order to secure any kind of home court advantage. However, if the Blazers and any particular team of whom didn't win their division end up with an identical record and fill up the four and five spots, the Blazers would be the ones to acquire home court due to the fact that they won their division.

Pelicans May Squeak in There

The Pelicans of New Orleans (42-36) are the ones to be in possession of the very last playoff spot, because they have the commanding 3-1 series lead over the Oklahoma Thunder. The Pelican also have what you would call a painful final week ahead of them, so if in fact the NBA odds have them in its favor, they will have well earned it because of such a hard final week to endure.


Major League Baseball's New Pope

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Baltimore's Hyatt Regency isn't quite as spectacular as the Sistine Chapel, but the election of a new commissioner for Major League Baseball on Thursday still felt a little like a papal conclave.

The chiefs of baseball, executives hailing from the 30-odd clubs that compose it, came together in a hotel and played cardinals (not the St Louis Cardinals, that is, but the Vatican ones), staying put on the hotel grounds until they'd elected a new commissioner. Following a full day of maneuvering and back-room discussions which even saw one candidate (MLB business VP Tim Brosnan) drop off the ballot, in the early evening baseball fans finally saw the equivalent of white smoke. MLB's COO, Rob Manfred, had defeated Boston Red Sox exec Tom Werner to succeed Bud Selig after his 22 year long run. Manfred had gotten at least 23 votes (the last of which apparently came from Washington), the number needed to become one of sports' most powerful opinion.

The choice seems a solid vote for the status quo. Selig will stay on in an advisory role as his handpicked successor runs the show. Selig's term saw plenty of issues, including performance-enhancing drug scandals and the 1994-1995 strike which ended in canceling the World Series.

Still, for baseball owners, they know the number-one job of an MLB commissioner is to bring in money, and Selig has delivered. Currently there are some $9 billion in annual revenues, from sales of MLB tickets and more.

The owners who made things hard on Selig by backing Tom Werner were headed by the Chicago White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf. He supposedly wanted someone at the top who'd be tougher on the MLB Players Union. While the MLB financial books are certainly never open to the public, though, most onlookers likely agree multiple fat streams of revenue in the middle of a period of very high franchise value and unprecedented labor peace is a situation you probably don't want to mess with too much. Reinsdorf's desire for a tough-on-unions commissioner probably sounded like a rehash of the ugly but none too distant past.

Still, Manfred will need to tackle a number of legitimate issues, the most important among them probably being the idea that the game's popularity (and the revenues which surround it) may have peaked.

Baseball's TV ratings have dropped, and the baseball which is getting played has gotten slower and slower. This may be fine for older fans but not for the younger ones.

As crazy as it sounds, Major League Soccer -- which shares part of the calendar with baseball -- is becoming a larger and larger threat to MLB in the long term. (Never mind the NFL season kickoff in September.)

When people turn on MLS, stadiums are reasonably full of crowds who chant, sing, and drum as they follow the action. Action is constant and wraps up in about two hours. Everything looks and sounds good, and when you consider how much progress MLS has made in just the 18 seasons so far, competitors ought to take it very seriously.

Baseball just keeps figuring out ways to draw out the game, adding instant replays on top of the usual and ridiculous batters box fidgeting. With batters triking out regularly and shifts in the infield making scoring even tougher, both action and run totals are down.


Strategies for Placing Winning Bets for NBA

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As an aspiring NBA sports bettor, you need to understand that all successful bettors lose sometimes. The key to being a successful sports bettor is winning more bets than you lose and knowing how to deal with the losses. This is just one among the many winning strategies you must adopt in order to succeed in this sports betting industry. Sports betting experts are known for their advice, which is invaluable in your quest to always make the most informed betting decisions. Consider this article a free resource from an expert sports bettor.

One thing you should keep in mind when undertaking sports betting is never to use your emotions when making a bet. You might like to bet on your favorite team but your favorite team might not be the best. Always keep your emotions at bay when betting in order to make an informed decision. There are many teams you can bet on in the NBA. So even if you are a fan of one of the teams, it is better to bet on other teams and leave your favorite team out of it.

Consider getting winning advice from experts who analyze the odds of a bet for you if you do not have the time to do so yourself. These companies can change the odds at any time depending on the circumstances of a game. Make sure you stay ahead of things and utilize the odds to your advantage.

So what do you do when you win? You should learn to know how to handle your winnings. It feels great to win. However, you should not lose your head over your winnings. A sports bet can net you thousands and sometimes millions of dollars in winnings. All successful sports bettors have a winning system that they always stick to. Come up with your own system or adapt someone else’s winning system. This system will help you manage your money and NBA winnings.


Online Bookies Are Great For Sports Buffs

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Sport betting is highly popular today and there are a large variety of events for you to select from. Sport betting is of different types. You can either place wager on the winner, in the middle of the game, or on one or more than one team. If you place your bet on the winning team then usually the winner is declared after the event is over. You can also place your wager at different session of the game and keep increasing or decreasing the wager as the game proceeds.

If you want to try your luck on sport betting and need someone who can guide you in the process then make sure to take help of experts. These experts are called bookies and online bookies are great for sports buffs. There are many sports bookie sites online and you can select any one of them. But, before selecting here are a few things that you must look for:

1. Select the site that is reputable and reliable. The customer service provided by them should be up to the mark. Reliability will prove that your money is safe. Money here includes the amount you deposit as wager and also the winning amount. You can read other players review or ask your friends and family before selecting one.

2. Sport bookies must have excellent customer service. Betting on sport events are usually very fast and sometimes keep changing thus there is a high chance that you will need an urgent professional advice or assistance. A good bookie must get back to you whenever contacted. They should be reachable through email, phone, or online chat.

3. They should work like a professional and constantly guide you so that you can win the bet.

4. He/she must also help you select the event on which you can place your wager. Sport bet are of many kind and usually you can bet on horse race, football, political election, or any kind of award ceremony.

5. A good sport bookie must have all the information related to the event. For example in case of a football match he/she must know about the team’s previous performance, number of wins and defeats etc. By having these information then they will be able to help their customer win money.


Top 4 Point Guards In College Basketball

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At sportsbetting and other live sports betting websites, you’re going to be inundated with information on the college basketball season in October, when training camps develop a measure of momentum and the sport garners some national attention while the professional baseball season winds down. Few writers in the United States cover college basketball with more consistency or meticulousness than Mike DeCourcy of The Sporting News, and in a piece published on June 10, he rated the nation’s top point guards. His top four represents as sharp and accurate an assessment of floor generals as you’re going to find anywhere on the internet.

DeCourcy rates Marcus Smart of Oklahoma State as the best point guard in the country before the start of the 2013-2014 college basketball campaign, saying the following: “This isn’t supposed to be a career achievement award; it’s supposed to be an achievement award, and Smart was one of the five best players in college basketball this past season. Heck, he was one of the three best. His commanding presence on both ends of the court elevated what had been a poor Cowboys team that lost its leading scorer into a legit conference title threat. And then, when he might have been a top-five pick in the NBA draft, he decided he wanted to do better in the NCAA Tournament and chose to stick around another year.”

DeCourcy’s next choice is Andrew Harrison, a freshman who will play for the University of Kentucky this upcoming season: “It would be disingenuous to ignore the buzz that Harrison and his brother might be difficult teammates, but it would be downright foolish to ignore that coach John Calipari has resolved far more difficult circumstances. (He got DeMarcus Cousins to focus on winning. Any questions?) Harrison is an elite talent who’ll be surrounded by elite talent. One of the few real questions in where to rank him is how much of the glory will be directed his way.”

Next on DeCourcy’s list is Yogi Ferrell of Indiana, who flamed out in the NCAA tournament against Syracuse in the Sweet 16 but did so much for Indiana at both ends of the floor during the regular season, lending structure and cohesion to the Hoosiers’ halfcourt offense. Here’s DeCourcy: “Victor Oladipo is gone, and Cody Zeller, and Jordan Hulls. The Hoosiers lost nearly everyone but Bob Knight this offseason. But Ferrell returns, and because more will be demanded of him more will be delivered. As a freshman, he was mostly expected to defer to all those veterans and only occasionally to upstage them, but he is an elite athlete and capable shooter who could experience a Shane Larkin-type surge to excellence.”

The fourth point guard for DeCourcy is Jahii Carson of Arizona State: “Carson is a high-risk/high-reward player, in part because he had to be. In order for ASU to come as close as it did to reaching the NCAAs last season, Carson had to gamble more than some of the other great playmakers. If he can manage his turnover numbers and make a few more 3s and, most important, get to the tournament, his talents could be truly appreciated. It’s hard—no, all but impossible—to make All-American from the NIT.”

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Becoming a bookie with Perhead.com

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Starting your own sportsbook has never been easier than it is now days with pay per head bookmaking services offered by industry leader Perhead.com. With Perhead’s world class bookmaking software and services, and with their easy online set up, you can be up and running with your own sportsbook in a week.

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By becoming a pay per head white label bookmaking partner you get to enjoy all the benefits of being a bookmaker without the high operational costs involved with running your own office and without the need to split your profits with a white label service.

Many local and large bookmakers are moving their businesses over to the Per Head model as it makes economic sense. Many large bookmakers operate in jurisdictions that levy hefty licensing fees and taxes on profit which makes a big dent in their bottom line.

At Perhead.com the only fee you are charged is a small fee per week for each customer that placed a wager. All the profit you make remains yours. Perhead does not handle money, they only provide the service.


White Sox sign experienced Hanson

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The Chicago White Sox have handed right-hander Tommy Hanson a minor league deal in order to see whether the 27-year old still has what it takes to perform in the majors. The pitcher is expected go through an extended spring training program before to appearing at Triple-A Charlotte later this month.

The five-season veteran spent four years with the Atlanta Braves, during which time he played in over 20 games each season. A short spell with the Los Angeles Angels ended last winter after being traded, followed by a brief trial with the Texas Rangers which ultimately came to nothing when Hanson posted a 6.43 Cactus League ERA over the space of 14 innings.

Hanson’s rookie season 2.89 ERA over 21 starts in 2009 remains the pitcher’s career-best. After being labelled one of the most exciting pitchers to come through the Braves organisation in recent years, Hanson’s record has steadily decreased since his rookie year; posting a 3.33 ERA over 34 starts in 2010, 3.60 in 22 starts in 2011, a 4.48 ERA in 31 starts the following year and a 5.42 ERA in just 15 outings for the Angels last season.

A number of injury issues have hampered Hanson’s career, most notably a shoulder problem that kept him on the disabled list in 2011, but the right-hander now has the chance to resurrect a career with the White Sox if he can impress throughout spring.

On the back of a disappointing 2013 season that surprised a number of Betfair visitors, the White Sox have started to trim an expensive roster and rebuild using a mix of young stars and experienced pros. Hanson’s deal comes on the back of the signing of veteran Felipe Paulino, who has signed a one-year deal despite not having pitched in the major leagues since 2012. Ronald Belisario is another to have been added to an ever-changing roster, signing a one-year deal worth $3million.


Who Are The Best Candidates For MLB Manager Of The Year?

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The best bookie software makes a difference at payperhead.com and other outlets. In Major League Baseball, some managers manage to make more of a difference than others. What should be said so far about the best managers in baseball for 2013? A few clear thoughts emerge in what is generally a crowded race.

The leader for American League Manager Of The Year is probably Ron Washington of the Texas Rangers. One has to realize this about Texas: Not only did the Rangers blow the 2012 American League West Division title to the Oakland Athletics; the franchise lost slugger Josh Hamilton in the offseason and had to get production from younger and less proven starting pitchers. A lot of moving parts changed the makeup of the Texas roster, creating a lot of doubt in the Lone Star State that this successful franchise could retain the magic it found in 2010 and 2011, when the Rangers won the American League Pennant. Washington naturally did well in those two seasons, but his ability to keep the Rangers at the top of the American League West through the first three months of the 2013 campaign might be his most impressive feet yet in Arlington, Tex.

If there’s a strong second contender for A.L. Manager Of The Year, it would be John Farrell of the Boston Red Sox. Boston was not expected to win its division. In fact, the Red Sox were probably picked to finish closer to the bottom of the American League East than the top. Boston’s batting order had been hollowed out, and its bullpen did not figure to hold up under the strain of the long season. A younger Tampa Bay team and a hard-charging bunch of Baltimore Orioles were supposed to move up the ladder, and the newly-loaded Toronto Blue Jays – on the strength of several deft offseason moves – were supposed to put the pieces together, making life hell for the Red Sox in the process. However, at the end of June, Boston leads the A.L. East even without an authoritative closer at the back end of its bullpen. Farrell is holding his team together with great skill… this in his first season as the manager in Beantown. That’s no small feat.

In the National League, there really is only one candidate, and it’s Clint Hurdle of the Pittsburgh Pirates. The other teams in the National League that are succeeding to a considerable extent – the Atlanta Braves, St. Louis Cardinals, and Cincinnati Reds – all owned copious amounts of talent heading into the season. Big things were expected from each of those ballclubs. Pittsburgh, a team which faltered in the second half of the season in each of the past two years, was not in the same conversation. Yet, near the end of June, the Buccos are more than 10 games above .500 and have the look of a team that isn’t going to fade away this time. As long as Pittsburgh maintains its place in the standings through September, Hurdle will win the N.L. Manager Of The Year award, with Arizona manager Kirk Gibson likely to finish second.

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